Ayodya Resort Bali Batik Festival

Ayodya Resort Bali Batik Festival


In honor of Batik Day (Hari Batik Nasional), a national holiday that celebrates the traditional cloth of Indonesia, Ayodya Resort Bali is gearing up for its inaugural Ayodya Batik Festival 2016 – a three-day event that aims to capture the national and traditional spirit of Batik Day.

Kicking off from October 7th 2016 until October 9th 2016, the festival will host a variety of cultural music performances, food stalls, local artists, fashion shows and product exhibitions. The opening night will be held at the Beach Garden of Ayodya Resort Bali, and will continue through to the Grand Ballroom and Grand Ballroom Voyer. The event is expected to attract over 1000 attendees and intends to continue annually as one of the resort’s trademark events.

Celebrating Indonesia’s local artists, the festival will see stunning performances from Balawan, Batuan Ethnic, Ceraken Gamelan Orchestra, Emoni Music Group and Kobagi, together with a fashion show showcasing traditional pieces from local designers such as Afif Syakur, Putu Aliki, Linda Lirose, Monika Weber, Weda Githa, Neli Gunawan, Dwi Iskandar, Cindy Lavina and from Solo with love by Joko SSP, as well as a jewelry collection by Komang Tri.

For families and friends, interactive entertainment will include a children’s corner with traditional games,  the making of batik (mencanting), tenun and also jewelry making. Inspired by Indonesian traditions, a night market will also be held by Ayodya Resort Bali’s food and beverage team who will present a variety of different traditional food stalls for attendees to taste the flavors of Indonesia.

Not only a celebration of Indonesia’s heritage products, the festival will also promote the development of small batik businesses and silver jewelers, inspiring entrepreneurs of traditional local products to build successful brands.

“As one of Bali’s heritage hotels, we at Ayodya Resort Bali are delighted to be hosting this unique event to appreciate and celebrate the cultural traditions of Indonesian batik. The festival is set to become one of the resort’s signature events, and through presenting the remarkable talents of Indonesian artisans, singers, designers and chefs, we look forward to continually celebrating the country’s unique heritage.

Said Martin Aeschlimann, General Manager of Ayodya Bali Resort.